Mr Shafiq’s surgical competence and the risks and benefits of cataract surgery

I have been a Consultant cataract surgeon since 2001.

My experience as a cataract surgeon is extensive. I perform about 500 cataract operations per year. My complication rates are published on National Ophthalmic Database at the following webpage. Copy and paste the bold type into the search bar, or just click on the link to open the page. Read below to see an explanation of the data before opening the link:

Cataract surgery risks under Mr Shafiq:

This is information on PCR, posterior capsule rupture, the commonest type of surgical complication, expressed as a rate per hundred operations. In my case it hovers between 1 complicated operation per hundred operations to one in 200 hundred operations. This figure is very low and means that 99 operations in every hundred proceed as planned, without complication.

Here is a graph of all surgeons data in Newcastle for one year. Blue dots are Consultants.

Capsule rupture for 475 cataracts in a year

The red dot represents me. I do more operations per operating list than any other surgeon at the Newcastle NHS trust, and more than most surgeons in Newcastle over the last year, with less than 1% complication rate. The lowest for the ‘high volume’ surgeons. This means that surgery in my care is usually fairly quick, but that the speed is not at the expense of care or risk to your eye. The patient testimonials hopefully also convey this reassurance?