Types of artificial lens used. Different lenses give different benefits than before cataract surgery.


There are mainly three types of lenses:

MONOFOCAL lens which suits the majority of people. It is the standard lens used.

This is selected after measurements of your eye to focus your eyes for everyday vision but will mean you need readers for small print or near detailed vision.

TRIFOCAL or extended range vision lens. This lens is made with different strengths built into its body, so your eyes are able to see distance, computer distance and close up for reading printed paper. They don t suit everyone, and I would advise you on the the benefits and limitations of such lenses.

Youtube information videos for a video description by the manufacturers.


TORIC lens. This is a standard lens for someone who has astigmatism of the cornea. The astigmatism causes image blurring and the toric lens is designed to counteract the astigmatism by being carefully aligned in the eye with the angle of steepest astigmatism. Your optician can tell you if you have astigmatism, and how much astigmatism you have.

For example a prescription written as  +3.25/-2.5@180  means that there is 2.5 dioptres of astigmatism. In real terms, this means that the astigmatism would affect the vision without glasses after Cataract surgery unless a toric lens is inserted. The toric lens can reduce the astigmatism to a small amount, so that the lens can focus without distortion from the astigmatism.

I would consider using a toric lens for anyone who wanted to be relatively spectacle free if there is a significant degree of astigmatism.