Cataract symptoms- what to do?

If you are experiencing blurred vision, hazy vision or dazzle by low sun or headlights at night, you may well have developed cataract.

The first thing to do is see your optician. The optician will examine your eye as well as try to give you an idea of the best vision you can still have by trying to get a lens to focus your eyes.

If the optician advises that you have developed cataract, and your vision is limited by looking through the cloudy lens of your own eye, you have to decide if you want to improve your vision with cataract surgery or make do with the best glasses you can use?

Usually, the optician will advise you and explain that spectacles can only perform a limited function in focussing your vision through the cataract. That may tide you over for a while.

In the meanwhile, you will be able to get a copy of your spectacle refraction, or the strength of the spectacles you would be prescribed, and you should keep that and bring it it to a Consultation with me.