Hazel B .

Hazel saw my website and emailed me from North Wales. She faced a long wait for cataract surgery locally and wanted to discuss her best options for cataract surgery and lens implant. After an exchange of emails, I saw her for Consultation, and arranged a date for cataract surgery for both eyes 3 days apart, seeing her in between to check the focus of the first eye. This was excellent, so we carried out the second eye surgery as planned, two days after the first giving her distance vision in one eye and middle distance in the other. This gave her an all round vision in everyday life , meaning she just would wear reading spectacles for close reading. I was quite touched that she chose to travel from Wales for surgery in Newcastle in my care and I was very pleased that she did so well. Here is her testimonial:

‘From the first email exchange with Mr Shafiq, I felt comfortable about having him operate on my eyes.  Once we had met him, both my husband and I were convinced travelling from North Wales for the operations was more than worth it. I have always had a bit of a phobia about anyone touching my eyes, but didn’t have a problem with My Shafiq operating on them, as he put me at my ease straight away. There wasn’t anything more than slight discomfort after both operations, and a couple of painkillers soon took care of that.

After wearing glasses for 57 years, with ever worsening sight, even after a month I still wake up every morning not believing my sight can be this good. The world definitely looks different now, but it took some getting used to not having to wear glasses apart from reading.

So my heartfelt thanks goes to Ayad and the teams at the RVI and Nuffield for all the care they gave me last month.’

September 2019

Valerie C. This lady had researched her options for cataract surgery and seen my website. She knew that she wanted to get her cataracts treated and have lens implants that would free her from spectacle wear, being keen on outdoor sports, swimming and walking. She has perfect distance and reading visionwithout glasses and is thrilled with the outcome. This is her experience.

“I have recently had cataract surgery with trifocal lens implants on both eyes, performed by Mr Shafiq, and I am delighted with the result.  My vision is now excellent, from the far distance to the smallest print/threading a needle etc.  The surgery was remarkable quick and painless, with only 3 weeks between eyes and 6 and a half weeks in total between phoning for a consultation to the final follow-up appointment.
Mr Shafiq is lovely – polite, charming, very informative and easy to talk  to, and obviously very skilled, and the Nuffield Hospital is a very pleasant place to be treated.
It was money well spent, and I am glad I took this option.”
Valerie C  January 2019

Lillian S. This lady had been very shortsighted, and wore spectacles for everyday life since teenage years. She underwent first eye cataract surgery and this was complicated by capsular tear, the one in a hundred complication which can occur. Her right surgery therefore required a longer time to perform and the complication meant extra treatment and intensive follow up for a few weeks until I was happy the right eye was settled. She then underwent left cataract surgery without any complication. The visual results for both eyes was excellent so that her right eye had 6/6 vision without spectacles and her left 6/5. I am pleased that she has left this testimonial, because it is the results of the one in a hundred complicated operations which I believe reflect the real skill of a surgeon, and her testimonial means a lot to me, because of the extra time and effort spent insuring that she received excellent care.

I have worn spectacles since I was 17 years old, I am now 71. Over the past six years my vision has deteriorated and I developed cataracts, my eyesight became so poor I was advised by my optician that I should no longer be driving and that I required cataract surgery.
I saw Mr Shafiq and an appointment was made to remove the cataract in my right eye, my left eye was treated 3weeks later. Both procedures went smoothly and I am recovering well, the improvement to my vision is such that I no longer need spectacles for distance I only use them for reading.
I can recommend Mr Shafiq and his team if you require this procedure.

Lillian S

November 2018

This lady had cataract surgery with trifocal lens implants. Her first eye surgery and recovery was uneventful. After a routine second eye operation, she developed a very aggressive inflammatory reaction, seen in only a handful of people. I treated her and monitored her improvement over a few weeks rather than the few days for her first eye. For me this kind of problem poses the challenge of requiring more input and delayed recovery. Her visual outcome was excellent in both eyes

I am Mike, Marilyn’s husband. You asked Marilyn if she would be willing to offer a testimonial, so this is her own words:
Quote: ” 40 years wearing spectacles…….NO MORE! 20:20 vision now.
I met Mr Shafiq initially to discuss cataract replacement in both of my eyes. After the consultation, it took only 3 weeks  to have the cataracts removed and replaced with tri-focal lenses. I would like to thank Mr Shafiq for the excellent expertise in his amazing surgery. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else in a similar position as I was.
Kind regards. Marilyn P”
Personally, I would like to add that you have made a huge difference to Marilyn’s day to day life. Take care.
Mike P
November 2018

Graham W

  1. Mr W developed cataract  him problems with his vision every day life. After a Consultation, discussion , and some time to consider his options , Mr W elected to undergo cataract surgery with Trifocal implants. He no longer requires spectacles in his everyday life and describes his experience below:

    As I advanced into my sixties, cataracts developing in both eyes made me increasingly dependant on both reading and distance glasses, neither of which I had needed until well into my forties. I arranged a consultation with Mr Shafiq who advised that I was a suitable case for treatment and described the different lens options I should consider. I was clearly under-researched at that point and needed time to mull these options over before making up my mind. I was however immediately attracted to the trifocal lens he had suggested might work best for what I wanted, i.e. not to be reliant on distance glasses at all, and minimal ongoing reliance on reading glasses. Mr Shafiq encouraged me to speak to him at any time if I had further questions about lens types or wanted clarification on any aspects of the procedure. I did speak to him again and found this most useful and reassuring.
    I went ahead with surgery on first one eye and a few weeks thereafter on the other. I was apprehensive about the procedure, especially with the first one, but it all went very smoothly. Over about an hour before being escorted to the theatre eyedrops were periodically administered to dilate the eye in preparation for the operation, and once in the theatre the whole procedure took no more than 15 to 20 minutes. I could only really see a very bright light all the time and experienced no pain at all, just some occasional discomfort as various instruments were deployed. Although I left with a patch over the affected eye which was to remain on until the following morning I knew that I could still see out of it straight away, which was a relief!
    The improvement in my eyesight, which I experienced almost immediately after each operation, has been impressive. Any concerns I had about disorientation from the trifocal effect proved groundless. I have had no need for distance glasses whether for driving or other longer range activities since the first operation, and similarly my close and intermediate range vision has improved to such an extent that my old reading glasses are also now redundant. Fiddly close up tasks, e.g. locating a small screw head with a screwdriver are much more manageable now.
    By way of problems, I had an adverse reaction to the drops I was sent home with. Mr Shafiq was very attentive over this when I contacted him in some agitation the day after the first operation, and the problem was easily resolved. The eye first operated on has felt absolutely fine from the outset. I did experience some minor irritation with the second eye which continued for a few months. I raised this with Mr Shafiq who checked that everything was still well with both eyes, which it was, and explained that it was not uncommon to have this kind of experience whilst the nerves etc in and around the eye settled down after the operation. All is well now.
    As a footnote, at a recent periodic eye examination my optician confirmed that I had no need for prescription glasses of any kind and also said he was impressed with the work that had been carried out by Mr Shafiq, which was as good as he had seen.

    Graham W

December 2017

James T


Firstly I would like to thank Mr Shafiq and all his colleagues at the Nuffield Newcastle for their professionalism during my recent eye operations.
As a young boy I had to wear very strong and heavy lensed spectacles because of long sightedness and then later on in life changing to hard contact lenses. Over recent years I have had problems with these lenses and being told by my optician that I also had cataracts he advised me to contact Mr Shafiq for a consultation.
During this consultation Mr Shafiq advised me that he could rectify my hypermetropia at the same time implanting new lenses to correct the cataracts. He explained everything with great clarity and answered all my queries to reassure me.
Over the next four weeks I had both eyes operated on successfully. The difference in brightness, colour and sharpness was outstanding. Previous to the operations it was like I was looking through a yellow/cream filter.
During the operations Mr Shafiq was so reassuring and has a fantastic personality that I would recommend him as a very professional and accomplished eye surgeon and have no reservations in recommending him to anyone who has any eye problems.
Thank you Mr Shafiq for changing my life for the better and making the world a brighter place.

James T October 2018

Anne M. This lady was living independently and had vision which had become blurred for driving because of her cataract. The testimonial below has been left by her sons who were clearly dedicated to their mother and to helping her maintain that independence.

September 2018


Mr Shafiq

Many thanks to you and the team at the Nuffield in Jesmond, Newcastle for the care administered to my Mother during the past month as she went through Cataract Surgery on both eyes

Every stage of the process took place as described in the briefing notes

There were no surprises, no delays and most importantly due to your expertise we feel you have achieved exceptional results

Mother is now ‘two lines’ on the sight test chart better than she needs to be able to drive safely

Mum is 81 and now lives alone, your successful surgery has now extended her ‘independence horizon greatly’ and given her confidence a must needed boost

Your rapport with Mum made her relaxed at every stage of the process, you explained what you were doing in a manner that was both reassuring and informative as well as easy to understand

I’m sure your work gives you great satisfaction, it most feel so good to have such a positive impact on your patients’ lives and futures

Your great work has also impacted both mine and my Brothers lives’ in a positive way, we worry less about mum ‘stumbling around Northumberland’ not seeing where she is going clearly enough

Mum understands the is no requirement for prescription lenses for distance and that all she need is ‘readers’ we will let the surgery settle for a month and then think about an opticians appointment for appropriate reading glasses

A final anecdote for you, picture the scene…………..

I drive mum to the shops and say ‘I’ll wait in the car here for you,’ off she goes into the Co-op on Amble high street.

As I wait a car pulls in front of me and parks on the road side

I see Mum start to walk towards the car and before I can alert her she has opened the passenger door to the car in front of me and is sat looking at a complete stranger

I’m not sure who was more shocked her, him or me ! The fact that the car in front of mine was the same colour as mine had caused the confusion.

So…. As well as fixing Mums eyes you’ve reduced the possibility of random cardiac arrest for the drivers of Northumberland

Thanks again for your great work

James and Roddy M on behalf of Mrs Anne M.

Catherine V lives in the countryside and relies on driving. She felt imbalanced after one operation through the NHS and could not drive whilst waiting for her second eye. She saw me privately for surgery and return to normal life.

I would just like to thank you for the Cataract Procedure you carried out for me.
I was completely blown away by the fact that the whole process of firstly enquiring about an operation, to being given a date for an assessment appointment to actually having the operation was all carried out within 3 weeks!
Having previously had a Cataract operation on my left eye I was left with Anisometropia. Because of that I could no longer see well enough to drive. As I live in a small rural village with no Public Transport this impediment was causing me a lot of problems.

I couldn’t believe the difference your help made to my long vision so quickly.
Having worn Varifocals for about 30 years I now only need glasses for reading! (Huge Bonus).

I am so happy with the outcome, especially the fact that you’ve given me back “My Wheels “!
I must also praise you for your Professionalism interspersed with your wicked sense of humour!
My thanks also go to your brilliant team who are very helpful, friendly and obviously share your sense of humour!


Catherine V

August 2018

Paul W. June 2018. This gentleman had been short-sighted since early teens and found that his vision had deteriorated to the point that he did not feel safe cycling, which was his normal mode of transport. He underwent cataract surgery to give him unaided distance vision in one eye and middle distance vision in his other eye.

The Kogi people of the Colombian Sierra Nevada subject their shamanic priests or ‘Mamas’ to a remarkable training. From birth and for the first nine years of their lives selected candidates are raised in the dim, monochrome, muted environment of an underground cave. During this extended second gestation they’re educated, taught about the world outside and their place in it without directly experiencing it. On their ninth birthday they’re led out into daylight for the first time. We can only speculate on the lasting effects of this flooding of the sensorium, but one consequence might be an enduring understanding that a conceptual re-presentation of reality is a pale substitute for the givenness and immediacy of embodied being in the world.
Emerging from the bleary, crepuscular gloom of cataract into a clean-rinsed world of perspective, light, colour and distinctiveness has something revelatory about it. Trading lenses clotted and smeary as half chewed Werther’s Originals – lost down the back of the sofa and matted with lint and dust – for lenses blue-bright as fresh unwrapped Fox’s Glacier mints is to concur with Louis MacNeice that “World is suddener than we fancy it. World is crazier and more of it than we think, Incorrigibly plural”, is to be reminded of “the drunkenness of things being various”, is to re-learn a deep delight in simply seeing and a love for the courageous trembling suchness of things seen.
The procedure? Unnerving but not painful. Granted, no-one will ever be able to market phacoemulsification as a fairground attraction, but at no point was so much as a single paracetamol needed.
One note of caution. It may benefit those possessed of a nuanced and evolved sense of humour to request a little extra anaesthetic to desensitise them to the banter in theatre. (Were you in any doubt, that’s a joke Mr S: my very best wishes to you and your team. Poem is ‘Snow’ by Louis MacNeice)
Paul W.
‘I am thinking of starting a Testimonial of the month competition after this one. AS’

Mary F had cataract surgery having been shortsighted and having astigmatism in one eye. Her eyes were therefore focused to give her good distance vision, with a standard lens implant in one eye and a toric implant in the eye with astigmatism to give her spectacle freedom except for very close sight .

Dear Mr Shafiq,
I can’t thankyou enough for the complete transformation in my eye sight. Having been shortsighted for 60 years a grey “fog” also descended which affected my vision even more. Procedures to remove cataracts and insert lenses, one of which was toric, have been a great success. The two operations were only mildly uncomfortable during which Mr Shafiq explained the process. Very worthwhile indeed.

mary f

june 2018