Graham W

  1. Mr W developed cataract  him problems with his vision every day life. After a Consultation, discussion , and some time to consider his options , Mr W elected to undergo cataract surgery with Trifocal implants. He no longer requires spectacles in his everyday life and describes his experience below:

    As I advanced into my sixties, cataracts developing in both eyes made me increasingly dependant on both reading and distance glasses, neither of which I had needed until well into my forties. I arranged a consultation with Mr Shafiq who advised that I was a suitable case for treatment and described the different lens options I should consider. I was clearly under-researched at that point and needed time to mull these options over before making up my mind. I was however immediately attracted to the trifocal lens he had suggested might work best for what I wanted, i.e. not to be reliant on distance glasses at all, and minimal ongoing reliance on reading glasses. Mr Shafiq encouraged me to speak to him at any time if I had further questions about lens types or wanted clarification on any aspects of the procedure. I did speak to him again and found this most useful and reassuring.
    I went ahead with surgery on first one eye and a few weeks thereafter on the other. I was apprehensive about the procedure, especially with the first one, but it all went very smoothly. Over about an hour before being escorted to the theatre eyedrops were periodically administered to dilate the eye in preparation for the operation, and once in the theatre the whole procedure took no more than 15 to 20 minutes. I could only really see a very bright light all the time and experienced no pain at all, just some occasional discomfort as various instruments were deployed. Although I left with a patch over the affected eye which was to remain on until the following morning I knew that I could still see out of it straight away, which was a relief!
    The improvement in my eyesight, which I experienced almost immediately after each operation, has been impressive. Any concerns I had about disorientation from the trifocal effect proved groundless. I have had no need for distance glasses whether for driving or other longer range activities since the first operation, and similarly my close and intermediate range vision has improved to such an extent that my old reading glasses are also now redundant. Fiddly close up tasks, e.g. locating a small screw head with a screwdriver are much more manageable now.
    By way of problems, I had an adverse reaction to the drops I was sent home with. Mr Shafiq was very attentive over this when I contacted him in some agitation the day after the first operation, and the problem was easily resolved. The eye first operated on has felt absolutely fine from the outset. I did experience some minor irritation with the second eye which continued for a few months. I raised this with Mr Shafiq who checked that everything was still well with both eyes, which it was, and explained that it was not uncommon to have this kind of experience whilst the nerves etc in and around the eye settled down after the operation. All is well now.
    As a footnote, at a recent periodic eye examination my optician confirmed that I had no need for prescription glasses of any kind and also said he was impressed with the work that had been carried out by Mr Shafiq, which was as good as he had seen.

    Graham W

December 2017

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Mr A Shafiq

I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon working in Newcastle. I have 16 years experience as a Consultant . I offer a bespoke cataract surgery service so that each person has vision that matches his or her needs and expectations.