Testimonial for Trifocal second eye surgery and monofocal ‘standard lens’ in first eye

July 22


This gentleman was short-sighted since his teenage years. Three years ago he required right cataract surgery, so I attempted to focus his right eye for ‘middle distance’ vision, being one meter for clear focus but working well around the house . This worked well with his left eye , focussed more for reading.

I did this because his left eye had good sight with no cataract and did not require surgery, so I needed to make sure he saw better but without imbalance between the two eyes.

When he came for his left surgery this year, I could have selected a monofocal lens to focus him either for distance or leave him focussed for reading. In either situation , he would require spectacles, either for close reading or distance vison?

By using a trifocal lens , the distance focus worked well with his middle distance focus but should give him distance vision without spectacles. The middle distance focus of the trifocal should match the middle distance focus of the monofocal in his right eye. The reading distance focus of the trifocal should work with the middle distance focus of monofocal. That was the plan! 

Here s his review sent last week.:

‘I just wanted to send you an email to thank you very much for the surgery you performed on my cataract and to say how delighted I am with the results of the trifocal lens.

I attended the Nuffield Hospital at Newcastle on 19th May. The whole process with yourself , your team and the hospital was extremely professional and efficient. After my surgery, I travelled home by train and returned to work the following day.

Prior to surgery, my vision had been slowly deteriorating and with that, so was the quality of life. The improvement in both was almost instant when I removed my patch.

I have just returned from a long cycling holiday in Europe. For the first time in many years I didn’t need to take any spectacles, contact lenses or solutions. I was able to follow the directions on my Garmin, enjoy the fantastic scenery and read small print on instruction manuals with no bother whatsoever.

You did another superb job on my right eye three years ago and I now feel I have the best vision since being a teenager. No spectacles or contact lenses required for any daily tasks now!

With sincere thanks’