Catherine V lives in the countryside and relies on driving. She felt imbalanced after one operation through the NHS and could not drive whilst waiting for her second eye. She saw me privately for surgery and return to normal life.

I would just like to thank you for the Cataract Procedure you carried out for me.
I was completely blown away by the fact that the whole process of firstly enquiring about an operation, to being given a date for an assessment appointment to actually having the operation was all carried out within 3 weeks!
Having previously had a Cataract operation on my left eye I was left with Anisometropia. Because of that I could no longer see well enough to drive. As I live in a small rural village with no Public Transport this impediment was causing me a lot of problems.

I couldn’t believe the difference your help made to my long vision so quickly.
Having worn Varifocals for about 30 years I now only need glasses for reading! (Huge Bonus).

I am so happy with the outcome, especially the fact that you’ve given me back “My Wheels “!
I must also praise you for your Professionalism interspersed with your wicked sense of humour!
My thanks also go to your brilliant team who are very helpful, friendly and obviously share your sense of humour!


Catherine V

August 2018

Paul W. June 2018. This gentleman had been short-sighted since early teens and found that his vision had deteriorated to the point that he did not feel safe cycling, which was his normal mode of transport. He underwent cataract surgery to give him unaided distance vision in one eye and middle distance vision in his other eye.

The Kogi people of the Colombian Sierra Nevada subject their shamanic priests or ‘Mamas’ to a remarkable training. From birth and for the first nine years of their lives selected candidates are raised in the dim, monochrome, muted environment of an underground cave. During this extended second gestation they’re educated, taught about the world outside and their place in it without directly experiencing it. On their ninth birthday they’re led out into daylight for the first time. We can only speculate on the lasting effects of this flooding of the sensorium, but one consequence might be an enduring understanding that a conceptual re-presentation of reality is a pale substitute for the givenness and immediacy of embodied being in the world.
Emerging from the bleary, crepuscular gloom of cataract into a clean-rinsed world of perspective, light, colour and distinctiveness has something revelatory about it. Trading lenses clotted and smeary as half chewed Werther’s Originals – lost down the back of the sofa and matted with lint and dust – for lenses blue-bright as fresh unwrapped Fox’s Glacier mints is to concur with Louis MacNeice that “World is suddener than we fancy it. World is crazier and more of it than we think, Incorrigibly plural”, is to be reminded of “the drunkenness of things being various”, is to re-learn a deep delight in simply seeing and a love for the courageous trembling suchness of things seen.
The procedure? Unnerving but not painful. Granted, no-one will ever be able to market phacoemulsification as a fairground attraction, but at no point was so much as a single paracetamol needed.
One note of caution. It may benefit those possessed of a nuanced and evolved sense of humour to request a little extra anaesthetic to desensitise them to the banter in theatre. (Were you in any doubt, that’s a joke Mr S: my very best wishes to you and your team. Poem is ‘Snow’ by Louis MacNeice)
Paul W.
‘I am thinking of starting a Testimonial of the month competition after this one. AS’

Mary F had cataract surgery having been shortsighted and having astigmatism in one eye. Her eyes were therefore focused to give her good distance vision, with a standard lens implant in one eye and a toric implant in the eye with astigmatism to give her spectacle freedom except for very close sight .

Dear Mr Shafiq,
I can’t thankyou enough for the complete transformation in my eye sight. Having been shortsighted for 60 years a grey “fog” also descended which affected my vision even more. Procedures to remove cataracts and insert lenses, one of which was toric, have been a great success. The two operations were only mildly uncomfortable during which Mr Shafiq explained the process. Very worthwhile indeed.

mary f

june 2018

Lynda H. wore contact lenses for short-sightedness and astigmatism. When she developed cataract she had problems with clarity of vision and dazzle. I implanted a toric lens implant to compensate for her astigmatism, short-sightedness and to replace her cataract. Her distance vision is 6/9 or 20:30 in her left eye without glasses, meaning no need for distance glasses or contact lenses any more in that eye.

A couple of months ago the vision in my left eye became very blurred. So much so that it was seriously affecting my work and confidence in driving.  Not good when I had planned a driving holiday in my camper van for the summer!

It turned out I had developed a cataract which was over the cornea.   I had no idea of how long I would wait for NHS surgery therefore I began  to look into private treatment and one name that leapt off the page was Mr Ayad Shafiq.

I contacted him and within two weeks my surgery was done.  I am so pleased I took this route.  I have an astigmatism and Mr Shafiq recommended a toric lense (which I believe is unavailable on the NHS) and the results are truly amazing.

I had been very scared and worried about the procedure and if anyone had told me that I would actually have a giggle in Theatre with Mr Shafiq and his team, I wouldn’t have believed them.  However we did and I can honestly say it was a painless procedure.

Furthermore they all put me very much at ease and I can’t thank them enough.  I will be returning very soon to have another toric lense fitted in my right eye.

Thank you Mr Shafiq and team.  You said you would look after me and you certainly did.  You have changed my life.

Lynda H. June 2018

Mr H had cataract surgery in one eye with good distance vision in that eye , when he came for consultation. He had an extended range implant in his second eye to match the first eye but also give him some depth of focusing.

Dear Mr Shafiq,

l do want to thank you so much for the exemplary service you have given me in dealing with my left eye cataract.

Leading up to my operation you carefully and fully explained my options and your suggestion of a Symphony lens which l accepted has proved to be extremely successful giving me clarity of long distance and also some useful reading ability.
Throughout you have brought a straightforwardness and humourbwhich has given me confidence and made the experience so satisfactory.
Thank you again. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Jim H

Elaine W had been shortsighted for most of her life. She had developed cataract and after some research came to see me.

I have always been short sighted and have worn glasses since primary school. Without them blurred was normal. Blurred with them meant a stronger prescription.
Fast forward fifty years and I was told I had cataracts and handed an even stronger prescription. Three years later no glasses would give me the vision needed to carry out everyday activities.
By chance I learned on the internet about a talk Mr Shafiq was giving ,and went more to find out about my condition than for any other reason.
After finding out that:
a)I could be treated quickly,
b) a highly skilled and rated surgeon would be seeing me throughout and
c) my astigmatism would be corrected as well so the hated glasses would be a thing of the past
I decided to self refer.
It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
To say I was terrified would be an understatement (I had never even contemplated laser surgery for that reason).
However, Mr Shafiq’s manner and explanations before, during and after the procedures made the whole experience as comfortable as possible.
I will never forget that eureka moment when removing the patch after the first operation -I never realised it was possible to see so far and so clearly. Now the whole world looks better, brighter, clearer.
I genuinely believe that not only my eyesight but also my physical and mental health have improved, and it is still early days.
Thank you for everything, Mr Shafiq.
Elaine W
April 2018

Judith B underwent cataract surgery with a toric implant to correct her astigmatism in one eye, focused for distance, and a lens implant for middle distance in her other eye.

I just had to say thank you again for the difference you have made to my quality of life over the past 4 weeks! I am amazed every day by how well I can see to get about and drive without the need for any correction. As I had been a contact lens wearer for over 40 years when I developed glaucoma 9 years ago it was a huge blow to me to find that due to the need to use medication to control my glaucoma my eyes became less tolerant of contact lenses and I had come to rely greatly on varifocal specs most of the time. Having already lost a significant amount of vision in my left eye I felt extremely anxious about facing surgery on my ‘good’ right eye but the cataract was interfering greatly with my day to day life and I could not delay any longer. Upon coming to see you I immediately felt you were the right person to undertake my surgery as your professional but friendly, relaxed and approachable manner instilled confidence in me. Your suggested plan was to implant a toric lens in my right eye to correct both my short sightedness and astigmatism and give me the best walking around vision possible, the left eye could then be corrected with a standard lens to help with closer vision. Four weeks ago I had the first procedure carried out followed two weeks later by the second, both lots of surgery went as planned and were totally pain free, the reassurance and kindness I received from both yourself and the theatre staff made both experiences completely positive and pleasant ones! Now four weeks on and I’m able to enjoy my life again without the need for glasses or contact lens, requiring specs only for reading, which I don’t mind at all. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to avail myself of your experience and expertise, thank you so much Ayad.


Judith B March 2018

Robert B , a keen cyclist who underwent cataract surgery with standard lens implants in March 2018. One eye was focused for distance and the other middle distance, giving him all round excellent vision without spectacles.

Good afternoon Mr Shafig, just a quick line to tell you how very very happy I am with the recent eye surgery to remove cataracts from my left and right eyes. 
The procedure was both quick and painless and with the new lenses you fitted I no longer need spectacles for reading or long distance work.  
I only wish I had done this a few years ago.  
 Very best regards and thanks again.  Robert B

Julie I. She had a trifocal lens implants for cataract surgery lens replacement.

“In December 2017 I went for an eye test expecting to purchase some new glasses with varifocal lenses however the test revealed that I had cataracts in both eyes. Whilst this came as a shock it did explain why on occasions I had difficulty with my vision when not wearing glasses and also with oncoming car headlights.

I was referred to Mr Shafiq at the Nuffield Hospital and after an initial consultation in January 2018, two operations and two follow up consultations over a six week period I now have excellent eyesight. I no longer need to wear glasses as both eyes have been fitted with trifocal intraocular lenses. Compared to the ‘grey’ world I lived in prior to the operations the difference in colours, brightness and sharpness of objects is remarkable and I have noticed very small things at home that I hadn’t seen previously. Both operations were very successful and went as expected as I had watched a video of the procedure on Mr Shafiq’s website so I knew what to expect! Throughout this process , both during consultations and operations, Mr Shafiq has explained everything at a level that I could understand, answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and was reassuring at all times. The only concern I had was a few days after the second operation where I was seeing halos around car headlights and traffic lights. Mr Shafiq assured me that this was normal due to the way that the lenses dispersed the light and that after a period of time I wouldn’t notice them.

I would also like to praise all other staff at the Nuffield Hospital involved in both the operations and the ward day care. Having eye surgery can be quite scary but whilst being professional at all times their friendly approach put me at ease before, during and after both operations.

If you have any doubts about having cataracts removed or having the trifocal intraocular lenses fitted then don’t. The end result is fantastic and I would highly recommend Mr Shafiq to anyone considering having this done.”

Julie I , February 2018


Michael M. Had cataract surgery abroad in a sunny climate in his right eye and requested a similar lens implant in his left here with me. This is an extended range lens . His surgery abroad was ‘laser-assisted’, meaning that the first part of the surgery was performed by a programmed laser and the second part by a surgeon. I performed his left cataract surgery, allowing him a comparison between the two techniques. He was pleased with both procedures!

Mr Shafiq operated on the cataract in my left eye on the 2nd Febuary 2018.
A Symphony lens was inserted under local anaesthetic, the whole procedure went without a hitch. The staff were very attentive and Mr Shafiq reassuring during the operation.
Mr Shafiq followed up four days later and the eye was healing well.
The sight which I now enjoy is amazing, much better than I expected.
The hospital pre and post op were first class.

Michael M