Catherine V lives in the countryside and relies on driving. She felt imbalanced after one operation through the NHS and could not drive whilst waiting for her second eye. She saw me privately for surgery and return to normal life.

I would just like to thank you for the Cataract Procedure you carried out for me.
I was completely blown away by the fact that the whole process of firstly enquiring about an operation, to being given a date for an assessment appointment to actually having the operation was all carried out within 3 weeks!
Having previously had a Cataract operation on my left eye I was left with Anisometropia. Because of that I could no longer see well enough to drive. As I live in a small rural village with no Public Transport this impediment was causing me a lot of problems.

I couldn’t believe the difference your help made to my long vision so quickly.
Having worn Varifocals for about 30 years I now only need glasses for reading! (Huge Bonus).

I am so happy with the outcome, especially the fact that you’ve given me back “My Wheels “!
I must also praise you for your Professionalism interspersed with your wicked sense of humour!
My thanks also go to your brilliant team who are very helpful, friendly and obviously share your sense of humour!


Catherine V

August 2018

Published by

Mr A Shafiq

I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon working in Newcastle. I have 16 years experience as a Consultant . I offer a bespoke cataract surgery service so that each person has vision that matches his or her needs and expectations.