Anne M. This lady was living independently and had vision which had become blurred for driving because of her cataract. The testimonial below has been left by her sons who were clearly dedicated to their mother and to helping her maintain that independence.

September 2018


Mr Shafiq

Many thanks to you and the team at the Nuffield in Jesmond, Newcastle for the care administered to my Mother during the past month as she went through Cataract Surgery on both eyes

Every stage of the process took place as described in the briefing notes

There were no surprises, no delays and most importantly due to your expertise we feel you have achieved exceptional results

Mother is now ‘two lines’ on the sight test chart better than she needs to be able to drive safely

Mum is 81 and now lives alone, your successful surgery has now extended her ‘independence horizon greatly’ and given her confidence a must needed boost

Your rapport with Mum made her relaxed at every stage of the process, you explained what you were doing in a manner that was both reassuring and informative as well as easy to understand

I’m sure your work gives you great satisfaction, it most feel so good to have such a positive impact on your patients’ lives and futures

Your great work has also impacted both mine and my Brothers lives’ in a positive way, we worry less about mum ‘stumbling around Northumberland’ not seeing where she is going clearly enough

Mum understands the is no requirement for prescription lenses for distance and that all she need is ‘readers’ we will let the surgery settle for a month and then think about an opticians appointment for appropriate reading glasses

A final anecdote for you, picture the scene…………..

I drive mum to the shops and say ‘I’ll wait in the car here for you,’ off she goes into the Co-op on Amble high street.

As I wait a car pulls in front of me and parks on the road side

I see Mum start to walk towards the car and before I can alert her she has opened the passenger door to the car in front of me and is sat looking at a complete stranger

I’m not sure who was more shocked her, him or me ! The fact that the car in front of mine was the same colour as mine had caused the confusion.

So…. As well as fixing Mums eyes you’ve reduced the possibility of random cardiac arrest for the drivers of Northumberland

Thanks again for your great work

James and Roddy M on behalf of Mrs Anne M.

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Mr A Shafiq

I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon working in Newcastle. I have 16 years experience as a Consultant . I offer a bespoke cataract surgery service so that each person has vision that matches his or her needs and expectations.