Mr H had cataract surgery in one eye with good distance vision in that eye , when he came for consultation. He had an extended range implant in his second eye to match the first eye but also give him some depth of focusing.

Dear Mr Shafiq,

l do want to thank you so much for the exemplary service you have given me in dealing with my left eye cataract.

Leading up to my operation you carefully and fully explained my options and your suggestion of a Symphony lens which l accepted has proved to be extremely successful giving me clarity of long distance and also some useful reading ability.
Throughout you have brought a straightforwardness and humourbwhich has given me confidence and made the experience so satisfactory.
Thank you again. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Jim H

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Mr A Shafiq

I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon working in Newcastle. I have 16 years experience as a Consultant . I offer a bespoke cataract surgery service so that each person has vision that matches his or her needs and expectations.