JF who had cataracts as well as astigmatism and underwent surgery with TORIC lens implants.

I consulted Mr Shafiq early in December to speak about treatment for a cataract in my right eye – I also have an astigmatism. He explained about various lenses and I decided to have a toric lense fitted. Within two weeks I had the procedure. I was extremely nervous but Mr Shafiq and his staff treated me in a calm encouraging manner.  In theatre Mr.Shafiq was quietly reassuring and professional – which helped me to relax.
I had a pad on my eye overnight…..when it was removed the following day I was amazed at how good my sight was..IS. I have full legal driving sight in my right eye.
A month later I returned to the Nuffield Hospital to have the same procedure to my left eye and again I have an astigmatism. I once again had a toric lense implant. I wasn’t as nervous as I had experience behind me. All went smoothly with the same care and attention as before.
I now have the best eyesight I could ever have imagined – as good as it was when I was 10 or 11 years of age! I am now 72….
Mr. Shafiq not only told me ‘ he’d look after me’  and he did – he also remained professional at all times. I think he must ‘hand pick’ his staff as they were equally reassuring.
On a final note – if you are uncertain or hesitating to deal with the fact you have cataracts, please don’t wait. Go and see a consultant and I really can recommend Mr. Shafiq.
Ayad – thank you for your kindness.
JF January 2018

GC who had cataract surgery for both eyes within just a few weeks of each other

My recent cataract surgery performed by Dr Ayad Shafiq and his team was undertaken in an extremely professional and sensitive way.

Pre-operative and post-operative care has been exemplary.

My vision is now comparable with the vision of my youth. I am now able to indulge again in many sporting and hobby activities.

Dr Ayad Shafiq and his team had also previously performed cataract surgery on my wife who also now enjoys much better vision. We are now able to continue a full and active life thanks to Dr Ayad Shafiq.

May I recommend Dr Ayad Shafiq as a skilled professional, sensitive to patient needs and anxieties, whose charismatic character exudes confidence.

GC Jan 18

Maureen S had TORIC implants because of her cataract and astigmatism

Mr Ayad Shafiq has quite literally changed my life. At the age of 68 I found myself needing cataract surgery, after wearing glasses since I was four and a half and toric contact lenses since I was forty two. On the recommendation of my optician I went to see Mr Shafiq who is doing ground breaking surgery with toric lenses.
After discussing the potential benefits of toric lens implant verses a conventional implant, I decided with full support from my husband to go ahead with toric lens implant. On the 10th of June 2016 I had the surgery on my right eye. I was somewhat nervous going into surgery but I need not have worried as Mr Shafiq was constantly reassuring and explained step by step what he was doing, I did not feel a thing and was home before I knew it.
On the morning of the 11th June a new world opened up to me. Not only were the colours around me amazing, my distance vision was and is amazing. I was so amazed and pleased with the result I went ahead and had a toric implant into my left eye. On my follow up visit Mr Shafiq decided he was not happy with the angle of the lens so he went ahead and moved the lens. Together the two lenses have given me a new window on the world and I would have no hesitation in recommending toric implants to others.
The whole experience of cataract surgery was a positive one thanks to Mr Shafiq. He is without a doubt a dedicated surgeon and committed to give people the best possible outcome following such surgery.

maureen s

Colin H who had a TORIC lens implant in his left eye for distance and mono focal lens right eye for middle distance.

It is normal for one to face an operation with a degree of concern and caution, even more so when it relates to the eyes and in my case I was unbelievably nervous (scared!) Mr Shafiq and staff at the Nuffield, Newcastle understood this and ensured throughout the whole process that I was treated and communicated with, most professionally and sympathetically. And the outcome…………? In a word ……………… astonishing! Glasses? ……… what glasses? Everything I now look at is “crystal clear” and I feel that I can see for miles. Also, I can now read things relatively close up, this was impossible prior to the surgery. Thank you Mr Shafiq and staff.

Colin H 10/17

Mary T had previous laser eye surgery. When she developed cataract she wanted implants for distance and near vision. She had cataract surgery with TRIFOCAL lens implants.

I first went to see Mr Shafiq early 2017 re cataract and lens replacement surgery.

Having had laser eye surgery twice in the past and now wearing varifocal glasses the lens replacement was not going to be straightforward, however Mr Shafiq was confident that he would be able to help me.

Mr Shafiq suggested tri-focal lenses as my best option which would give me distance, middle and close vision.

Mr Shafiq explained the benefits and risks of the surgery, one of the risks being that my vision might not be perfect in poor light (this has been easily resolved by over the counter reading glasses).

He was very patient and understanding of my worries and never failed to return calls to reassure me both prior to and after the surgery.

Both procedures were carried out without any problems and my eyes settled down quickly. I can now drive, watch TV and read the smallest print without glasses.

I am 66 years old and have the best sight I have ever had!

Mary T

Eric W who had a single focus lens in one eye and wanted an extended range focus lens for his second eye operation.

Testimonial – Use of Different IOL’s in Each Eye Following Cataract Extraction

1.00 During the course of an annual routine eye test it was found that my right eye had developed a cataract formation and was becoming restricted, my optician referred me to the RVI for further assessment.

The RVI confirmed that surgery would be necessary to regain a good standard of vision although this would also require spectacles to be worn for close work/reading due to the limited capability of the replacement lens supplied by the NHS (IOL with a fixed range focal length).

2.00 While waiting for treatment I researched the subject and found a recent research paper outlining the use of a revolutionary new extended range of vision interocular lens (IOL) the Technis Symfony. The paper outlined extended use of the lens in New Zealand which had resulted in exceptional results with many patients not needing spectacles.

3.00 My idea was to have this new lens implanted in my remaining eye and pay the NHS for it.
Further research confirmed that a “Top Up” procedure to pay for any changes in medication or treatments was possible in the NHS policy guidelines. Unfortunately, this was excluded for lens replacement in this particular case.

4.00 I consulted Mr Shafiq on the subject of using two different IOL’s. Both he and my optician outlined the problem of possible unbalanced vision and the capability of the brain to counteract this condition.. After accepting the risk and comparing the benefits I opted to go ahead and use this new lens which I understand was the first time it had been tried.

5.00 Mr Shafiq carried out the procedure using the new Symfony IOL. The results were exceptionally good, best Corrected Acuities Right 6/6 Left 6/6-1, obtaining both long and short range vision with no requirement for spectacles.

6.00 In conclusion, Mr Shafiq has been exemplary in his treatment of my particular case and follow up consultations, I have every confidence in his expertise and in recommending him to other clients.

Eric W.

James C . Cataract developed in only good eye.

I am 77 years old and have limited sight in my left eye known as a lazy eye and the sight in my right eye was quickly getting worse due to a cataract to the stage where I had practically no sight whatsoever.
I was put in touch with Mr Shafiq for a consultation he advised me on the procedure of the operation as I  felt nervous he left me feeling  much more relaxed afterwards.
The operation was carried out approximately ten days later it must have taken little more than ten or fifteen minutes.
After the operation my eyesight was absolutely brilliant immediately. There was no pain at all.
The operation took place on the Monday on the Friday of that week I had a final check up with Mr Shafiq and we agreed everything had gone exceptionally smooth I have had no pain whatsoever afterwards.
I am now able to drive without spectacles.
I would have no hesitation in advising a anyone with any doubts whatsoever to contact Mr Shafiq his attitude and expertise is second to none.

James C


Bruce M

I first met with Mr Shafiq towards the end of 2016 for an initial consultation.

The vision in my left eye had been problematic since childhood.  I had what could be termed a lazy eye and had more recently developed a cataract.

Mr Shafiq was both reassuring and professional advising me of the likely procedure, the steps he would take during the surgical procedure and the expected outcome. Whilst my vision in this eye would always be impaired, he did feel that successful surgery would produce a noticeable improvement. I left the consultation feeling more relaxed and encouraged and proceeded to have surgery a few weeks later.

The surgical environment and patient care were excellent with Mr Shafiq available to me both before and immediately after the removal of the cataract. I had two follow up appointments which were thorough and the outcome was positive enabling me to dispense with spectacles for distance vision. I would like to add that when I developed a slight reaction to the post surgery eye-drops, Mr Shafiq made himself available to speak with me over the telephone late one evening. I particularly appreciated him offering his time and being prepared to address my concerns. His advice at the time helped ensure a full recovery. Thank you for what was an excellent and thoroughly professional service.

Jenny S who had an extended range lens implanted during cataract surgery to her only good eye

When I had my cataract surgery 18 months ago, I was 67 years old.  Since the age of 13 I have only had peripheral vision in my right eye due to a trauma to the head, and totally relied upon my left eye for vision.

Inevitably, the vision in my left eye deteriorated due to a cataract forming, and neither glasses and or contact lenses seemed to help.   After consulting an optician, he advised me to see a consultant to have the cataract removed.

I was extremely concerned as I had heard that often the cataract surgery could go wrong, which in my case would leave me virtually blind.  I could only be advised as to which specialist surgeon I should see, and luckily for me my optician suggested Mr Shafiq

I made an appointment, and was not disappointed with the consultation.  Mr Shafiq  listened to my concerns and after a thorough examination he answered all of my questions and advised me on what could be done.

Surgery took place just over one week later.  Mr Shafiq suggested  a new type of lens called a Symfony lens, which would enable both distance and close sight, whereby doing away with the need for gasses.  This particular lens was fairly new but had proven to be very successful.

I have had several operation in the past but none where I was awake during the procedure, so I was a little apprehensive.
There was no need as the team performing the procedure were amazing from start to finish.
Mr Shafiq talked me through each step, he was kind, caring, and put me totally at ease.

The operation was over very quickly and the results after 24 hours were unbelievable.  Colours, were vibrant, particularly blue, everything was very bright and I could read without spectacles.

I did suffered a small set back one week later and went back to see Mr Shafiq. He reassured me that this was not uncommon and to have a little patience as it would probably right itself within a few days. He was absolutely correct and my eye sight returned.
I now can see both distance and close work without the aid of spectacles or contact lenses for the first time since I was a young girl.

My decision to have this procedure was  a very difficult one having only one seeing eye, but I would not hesitate to have the same procedure again.
Mr Shafiq is, in my opinion, an extremely talented, accomplished, caring surgeon.

Jenny S Nov 2017

Duncan T who underwent cataract surgery with TORIC lens implants for astigmatism as well as cataract

My route to having cataract surgery began when I started to experience a lack of clarity when working on fine detail, something I need to do regularly in my work. A visit to my optician confirmed a diagnosis of early cataracts developing in both eyes.

As I was relatively young to get this diagnosis, I wanted to look at what would be the best option to allow me to continue working, but also give me flexibility to not need glasses for most activities.

I had been short sighted most of my life, wearing contact lenses for over 30 years so I didn’t want to wear glasses routinely again after surgery.

Mr Shafiq was recommended to me by my optician and seemed, through his experience of treating large numbers of cases each year, to be the person that my independent research identified as the best person in the North East to provide my surgery.

At my initial meeting Mr Shafiq was able to answer my questions and quickly understood what I wanted to achieve, suggesting an approach that would correct my short-sighted vision using toric replacement lenses. He also suggested that the point of focus of each eye could be different, meaning that I would have good long distance and medium distance vision.

I had needed reading glasses prior to surgery, but after surgery the plan was to be able to read a computer screen without.


The surgery itself was uneventful, with the second eye being operated on two weeks after the first. The initial healing occurred within a few days. During that time my vision quickly improved. I was able to return to work less than a week after surgery.


Things have settled well in the three months since my surgery. The difference in the focus in each eye took a little getting used to, but now seems normal. I have noticed that I rarely need glasses. The prescription recommended by Mr Shafiq has worked well so that I do most things without the aid of glasses. The only time I tend to need them now is for particularly small print and reading in darker rooms, or for driving at night.


I am delighted with the results.



Duncan T