Bruce M

I first met with Mr Shafiq towards the end of 2016 for an initial consultation.

The vision in my left eye had been problematic since childhood.  I had what could be termed a lazy eye and had more recently developed a cataract.

Mr Shafiq was both reassuring and professional advising me of the likely procedure, the steps he would take during the surgical procedure and the expected outcome. Whilst my vision in this eye would always be impaired, he did feel that successful surgery would produce a noticeable improvement. I left the consultation feeling more relaxed and encouraged and proceeded to have surgery a few weeks later.

The surgical environment and patient care were excellent with Mr Shafiq available to me both before and immediately after the removal of the cataract. I had two follow up appointments which were thorough and the outcome was positive enabling me to dispense with spectacles for distance vision. I would like to add that when I developed a slight reaction to the post surgery eye-drops, Mr Shafiq made himself available to speak with me over the telephone late one evening. I particularly appreciated him offering his time and being prepared to address my concerns. His advice at the time helped ensure a full recovery. Thank you for what was an excellent and thoroughly professional service.

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Mr A Shafiq

I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon working in Newcastle. I have 16 years experience as a Consultant . I offer a bespoke cataract surgery service so that each person has vision that matches his or her needs and expectations.