Duncan T who underwent cataract surgery with TORIC lens implants for astigmatism as well as cataract

My route to having cataract surgery began when I started to experience a lack of clarity when working on fine detail, something I need to do regularly in my work. A visit to my optician confirmed a diagnosis of early cataracts developing in both eyes.

As I was relatively young to get this diagnosis, I wanted to look at what would be the best option to allow me to continue working, but also give me flexibility to not need glasses for most activities.

I had been short sighted most of my life, wearing contact lenses for over 30 years so I didn’t want to wear glasses routinely again after surgery.

Mr Shafiq was recommended to me by my optician and seemed, through his experience of treating large numbers of cases each year, to be the person that my independent research identified as the best person in the North East to provide my surgery.

At my initial meeting Mr Shafiq was able to answer my questions and quickly understood what I wanted to achieve, suggesting an approach that would correct my short-sighted vision using toric replacement lenses. He also suggested that the point of focus of each eye could be different, meaning that I would have good long distance and medium distance vision.

I had needed reading glasses prior to surgery, but after surgery the plan was to be able to read a computer screen without.


The surgery itself was uneventful, with the second eye being operated on two weeks after the first. The initial healing occurred within a few days. During that time my vision quickly improved. I was able to return to work less than a week after surgery.


Things have settled well in the three months since my surgery. The difference in the focus in each eye took a little getting used to, but now seems normal. I have noticed that I rarely need glasses. The prescription recommended by Mr Shafiq has worked well so that I do most things without the aid of glasses. The only time I tend to need them now is for particularly small print and reading in darker rooms, or for driving at night.


I am delighted with the results.



Duncan T

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Mr A Shafiq

I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon working in Newcastle. I have 16 years experience as a Consultant . I offer a bespoke cataract surgery service so that each person has vision that matches his or her needs and expectations.