Julie I. She had a trifocal lens implants for cataract surgery lens replacement.

“In December 2017 I went for an eye test expecting to purchase some new glasses with varifocal lenses however the test revealed that I had cataracts in both eyes. Whilst this came as a shock it did explain why on occasions I had difficulty with my vision when not wearing glasses and also with oncoming car headlights.

I was referred to Mr Shafiq at the Nuffield Hospital and after an initial consultation in January 2018, two operations and two follow up consultations over a six week period I now have excellent eyesight. I no longer need to wear glasses as both eyes have been fitted with trifocal intraocular lenses. Compared to the ‘grey’ world I lived in prior to the operations the difference in colours, brightness and sharpness of objects is remarkable and I have noticed very small things at home that I hadn’t seen previously. Both operations were very successful and went as expected as I had watched a video of the procedure on Mr Shafiq’s website so I knew what to expect! Throughout this process , both during consultations and operations, Mr Shafiq has explained everything at a level that I could understand, answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and was reassuring at all times. The only concern I had was a few days after the second operation where I was seeing halos around car headlights and traffic lights. Mr Shafiq assured me that this was normal due to the way that the lenses dispersed the light and that after a period of time I wouldn’t notice them.

I would also like to praise all other staff at the Nuffield Hospital involved in both the operations and the ward day care. Having eye surgery can be quite scary but whilst being professional at all times their friendly approach put me at ease before, during and after both operations.

If you have any doubts about having cataracts removed or having the trifocal intraocular lenses fitted then don’t. The end result is fantastic and I would highly recommend Mr Shafiq to anyone considering having this done.”

Julie I , February 2018


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Mr A Shafiq

I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon working in Newcastle. I have 16 years experience as a Consultant . I offer a bespoke cataract surgery service so that each person has vision that matches his or her needs and expectations.